Company Introduction

01 Company Introduciton

Changhe Cyber Technology Co., Ltd.
A comprehensive enterprise-- worthy of about $10 million in capital funding--possesses investment, logistics, overseas warehousing.

02 The Development of the Company
With the information and trade globalization, the development of mobile internet technology, intelligent terminal and logistics service systems have catered to China’s “One Belt and Road initiative” in an attempt to better advocate  the sound policy of global free trade.
Against a backdrop of a robust supply networking in China and self-built logistics system in the US, Changhe has seized the opportunity to take part in open credit system for business and become one of the groundbreaking ecological center and the most valuable cross-broad retailers across the world.



03 The Mode of Marketing
From the perceptive of globalization, brand-based management, the company has implemented the strategy of Settle Down in the Local. To better serve the customers, organize the marketing teams, the business patterns have been successfully built, such as B2C, B2B.

Rooted in the US market, the company has made bold exploration to the new global multi-trade retailing patterns, and take initiative to research, development and manufacturing.
Efforts have been made to provide high quality and trustworthy purchasing experience for customers across the world, while to upgrade and update the capacity of product R&D and supply chain management. Meanwhile, with mature marketing networking established, online social and e-commerce platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Tiktok have been used for publicity or advertising, which has nowadays built up affluent experiences and resources relative to operation and management. Through the training of technological teams, the online self-built selling website, such as Shopify, Wordpress, Magento and DTC have been developed. Also, the objective of doing business overseas is already met.
The competition of cross-broad e-commerce in the coming years is more the overall service capacity based on customers’ experience than the product itself. With the customer as its core, the company is well equipped with 24/7 services in multiple languages among the world. It has been cooperated with foreign marketing and managing teams of any kinds to improve its efficiency and to better serve the customers.


04The Culture of the Company

In the context of purchasing high quality services for customers, the attitude of downing to earth, the ambition of sturdy strategy and the principle of long-term development, talents from home and abroad have been employed to our brand. It is a faith that to continue efforts to meet significant objective through sheer perceptive and long-term strategy.

Employees have been given the priority to in Changhe company where the long-term perceptive is advocated to respond to the certainty. The company bends its mind to become one of the most valuable cross-broad online retailers in China.